Few would ever think it proper to give children recreational marijuana, just as alcohol is a designated drug for ages 21 and over.  However, medicinal marijuana has an entirely different value, and can treat specific diseases, conditions, and ailments.  This is why doctors in Colorado are prescribing marijuana to pediatric patients in some circumstances.

Charlotte’s Web Strain

As the Daily Caller reports, there is a new strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web, which is specifically intended to help control seizures in epileptic children.  Obviously, this strand is low in psychoactive THC, which would be a parent’s major concern.  It is also not smoked, but given to children via oil.

The fact that Colorado is one of only several states that allows medical marijuana prescriptions, is why many parents are actually relocating to Colorado and Colorado Springs where the strain was first developed.  This is because marijuana has been proven to treat epileptic symptoms including severe seizures with minimal effect on a child’s health.

Communities of Parents Come Together

Families of children are actually forming communities, bound by their related struggles and their redemption in legal medicinal marijuana, which many individuals, claim helped to save their children’s lives.  Parent Butch Swann was quoted by the article as saying, “If we had stayed in Alabama, I don’t think

[my child] would have made it.”  Children who were prescribed the Charlotte’s Web strain have reported improvement with seizures and are even developing skills that epilepsy inhibits, such as the ability to speak.

This story well highlight the medicinal value marijuana has.  It is a drug that can help people and now, as evidenced, children who suffer from crippling health problems.  The legalization of marijuana nationwide, for medicinal purposes, is an agenda worth fighting for.