Once you have determined that medical marijuana is right for you and you have made arrangements to obtain a medical marijuana card, you’ll be expected to visit a doctor.

1.  Finding a Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor

Every state has different rules regarding both medical marijuana and how doctors can prescribe it to patients. To find a medical marijuana doctor near you, look our online tool, or ask your current general practitioner to refer you to one.

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2.  Your Doctor’s Appointment

Once you’ve found a licensed doctor, schedule an appointment online or via phone call.

On the day of the appointment, make certain to bring your ID and any paperwork necessary to complete the evaluation (ask during your phone call if there is any extra documentation to you need to bring up with you).

The receptionist will have paperwork for you to complete before your actual visit before you’re called in.

3.  The Doctor Visitmedical marijuana doctor

Your doctor will evaluate you based on your state’s medical marijuana laws. Each state has individual laws regarding what’s necessary to be prescribed a patient card, as well as what medical conditions would specifically qualify you to be a medical marijuana recipient. We recommend visiting our medical marijuana laws by state page to find more information about what your state recognizes as a qualifying condition.

If your doctor finds you an eligible candidate for medical cannabis, he or she will prescribe you a one year medical marijuana recommendation. So far most states require these to be renewed annually.

4.  Afterward

Each state has a different registration process, so it’s important to know yours. In many cases you’ll need to mail or bring your doctor’s recommendation to a registry.

Once you are approved you can find a nearby marijuana dispensary or caregiver and begin medicating!

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.