Medical Marijuana Laws by State

Consult the map below to get some quick information on marijuana laws by state. Because each state has its own laws and policies, you’ll find that the processes for obtaining a medical marijuana patient card are also different. We’ve gone ahead and provided those laws, as well as the qualifying medical conditions for each state and even the individual processes to renew a card once you have one.

We know that getting a medical marijuana card can seem intimidating, but hopefully this makes things that much easier. Look at the map and click on your state of residence, and hopefully we’ll have you a registered medical marijuana patient before you know it!

*Quick note: states with pending medical legislation or no medical marijuana laws whatsoever don’t have any pages, because we’d either have nothing to put there or the information would change so often it would be a headache for everyone involved. Only the green and blue colored states have pages, but if you’re visiting this site than hopefully one of those is the state you live in.