Marijuana Patient Card was designed to provide patients with the information they need to connect them with medical marijuana. We believe patients and caregivers should have access to accurate, unbiased information about medical cannabis and its effects. Since launch in 2013 we’ve remained dedicated to providing people with the resources and guides needed to facilitate their access to medical marijuana and the medical professionals who can help them to obtain it.

We do not believe that medical marijuana should have any stigma attached to it and we work hard to find patients the relief they desperately need without having to undergo a lengthy hassle.

Our mission it to help you access medical marijuana

Logically, it makes no sense to have any controversy or any ban on the medicinal use of marijuana. Unfortunately, the law does not always follow logic. Until the day comes when medical marijuana can be prescribed by all doctors everywhere as commonly as other prescription drugs, we are here to help facilitate the process.

Browse our list of doctors, broken down by state, to locate a physician in your area who can get you to obtain medical-grade cannabis without hassle or judgement.