Here are some links we found to other great websites. We tried to provide you with the most important medical marijuana resources we could to help you, but in case we missed anything or you want to consult with other websites, we compiled a short list you can refer to. There are certainly plenty of other great websites out there to look at, but here are few that should cover all the major needs for you, the medical marijuana patient.

They each have helpful information or products that will make being a medical marijuana patient much easier.

  • My Marijuana Story – A support site for users to share their experiences with marijuana.
  • Marijuana and the Law – A legal resource providing you with up-to-date information and news about state marijuana laws.
  • California Marijuana Market – The latest marijuana news in California.
  • Legal Smoke Shop – Cheap, high quality products for medical marijuana patients.
  • Marijuana Grow Help – Information on cultivating cannabis.
  • Marijuana Referral – Online listings of marijuana attorneys and doctors.
  • Marijuana Strain Review – Reviews of many different strains. See the pros and cons of a strain before you try it.
  • MPP – Marijuana Policy Project is an organization dedicated to marijuana policy reform.
  • NORML – Another great organization trying to reform marijuana laws.
  • Safe Access Now – An organization promoting legalization and regulation with an emphasis on medicine.
  • The Marijuana Chef – Safe, tasty, effective recipes for making THC food.
  • The Marijuana Pages – An online locating tool to find nearby dispensaries.