You may have heard a lot of medical marijuana-related rumors, regarding the drug’s ability to cure cancer or remedy pain.  However, not a lot is written regarding marijuana’s effect on the skin.  Anything one takes into his or her body is sure to have an effect.  It is unlikely that marijuana has no effect whatsoever; but the effect is debatable.

Negative Effects

For instance, some doctors are now advising patients not to smoke marijuana because of the fear of certain carcinogens.  While carcinogens of smoke are not comparable to nicotine, these hydrocarbons still apparently have an effect on cells’ ability to create new collagen, as authorities like dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka state. “Exposing your skin to marijuana smoke can make it age more rapidly.”

The same report also stated that marijuana’s THC component increases testosterone levels.  Naturally speaking, high testosterone produces more sebum oil which can lead to acne breakouts.  One possible factor, as Dr. Buka cited, was that medicinal marijuana can increase appetite and may result in users eating high-glycemic index foods, which also leads to acne.

Positive Effects

The most promising news item is that medical marijuana may be an antioxidant, which of course, would mean the substance itself could help to improve the quality of skin.  The National Center for Biotechnology Information found promising results and stated that “Cannabidiol, THC and several synthetic cannabinoids all were demonstrated to be antioxidants by cyclic voltametry…

[they were also] shown to prevent hydroperoxide-induced oxidative damage.”

An interview on CNN even indicated that the U.S. Government is said to have a patent on marijuana as an antioxidant, which would certainly be strong indications of its studied effects.  The one thing doctors do seem to agree on is that topical, edible, and vaporized cannabis is believed to work more effectively than smoked cannabis, since these methods of consumption do not contain carcinogens and allow more potency in the drug.