For years, the inhalation and ingesting of marijuana has always been the two choices for individuals seeking relief from various ailments.  The psychoactive effects of medical marijuana, along with the illegality of it in some U.S. states, has led many to shy away from the drug, choosing legal capsule alternatives instead.  However, the newest advent in the medical community is topical marijuana.

Topical Cannabis May Work Better

Natural News quoted Dr. William Courtney who said “Don’t smoke the stuff. Eat it!”  This sentiment is mirrored by many in the medical community, who state that smoking marijuana is actually the least effective method of taking medicinal marijuana, and that over 90% of the medicinal qualities of the substance exit with the smoke.  In contrast, topical solutions are said to magnify the power of cannabis because of the concentrated oil.  The topical drug is more natural in form and is raw and unburned.

This coincides with the new trend of pediatric medical marijuana, which can treat children with epilepsy.  Obviously, children would not be able to handle the psychoactive effects of marijuana, nor would smoking be safe.  Hence, clinics in Colorado Springs are giving children topical strains of THC delivered in oil form to the skin, and only administering the solution in low THC doses.

Symptoms That Topical Cannabis Treats

Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD, DP, states that topical transdermal medications would be ideal for “pain management, pediatric medicine, and sports injuries.”  He further added medical topical marijuana would be “one of the best ways to administer

[treatment] quickly and effectively.”

As medical technology and scientific knowledge expands, so too does the availability of medical marijuana, which is now legal through prescription in 20 U.S. States and Washington D.C.  Other states may very well join the initiative as more widespread acceptance is reported.