Morning sickness may not be a crippling disease, but it is very uncomfortable for pregnant women and can actually lead to severe symptoms.  Despite the name, morning sickness can strike women at any time, and not only women who are expecting, but also women who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy, or taking birth control.  In rare cases, the nausea can reach severe levels and cause dehydration, weight loss, and other conditions.  While there are prescription or OTC medications for nausea, a lot of attention has been given to medical marijuana.  This may come as no surprise to those who have known of its ability to treat cancer and chemo-related nausea, but what of morning sickness exclusively?

Effective Treatment

The British Columbia Compassion Club Society announced that over 92 percent of all women who tried medical marijuana for morning sickness rated the efficacy as “very effective” or somewhat “effective.”  A story over at the AlterNet even revealed that some doctors are prescribing medical marijuana for morning sickness, especially after other prescription or OTC medications do not work.

No Psychotic Symptoms

What about the motherly concern that smoking or even eating cannabis could cause damage to the baby?  There was a study done on this very subject, namely from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine in 2008, which reported that “heavy smoking during the first trimester was associated with lower verbal reasoning.”  However, these effects were nothing compared to smoking or alcohol, which showed evidence of “psychotic symptoms”, even something as small as a glass of wine.

Of course, every mother has to determine the risk when compared to the relief, when she is carrying a child.  However, these studies, if nothing else, indicate good news for women who are undergoing hormone treatment or who take birth control and suffer from extreme morning sickness several times a week.