Most longtime marijuana users already know that a hit or two of the magic herb can work wonders in terms of easing nausea. Medical science has only recently begun to recognize this particular effect, but its significant is definitely being appreciated in many segments of society. With the ability to quell nausea quickly, easily, and inexpensively without significant side effects, marijuana may just be the ideal solution for patients undergoing AIDS or cancer treatment. For such patients, nausea is a common part of life. With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in many states all over the U.S. however, the worst episodes of nausea may well be in the past.

Severe Votmiting

Most any strain of marijuana can help ease nausea in the user, but some strains are more effective than others. Here is a rundown of some of the most effective strains for easing nausea symptoms.

NY Diesel

This Sativa dominant hybrid is a crossbreed of Sour Diesel, Afghan, and Hawaiian Indicas, along with numerous other strains. Although it tends to produce loosely packed buds, they are often heavily crystalized and remarkably potent. It has a fruity odor and a sweet flavor and the effects are mostly cerebral and uplifting. Nevertheless, the Indica in the crossbreed gives it a nice, mellow body stone as well. NY Diesel is a popular choice for the treatment of pain and nausea..


The interestingly named Amnesia is known for its characteristically smooth and mellow yet potent high. Surprisingly enough, the bud gives off only a mild odor when burned, although it is noticeable for its floral bouquet. The buds of the plant are densely packed with plenty of crystal-covered hairs in between the dark green and lime green colored plant matter. The effects of Amnesia tend to last only a short while, although you will definitely feel it.

Micky Kush

This is one strain that definitely packs a punch. For many, even just a single hit of this Sativa dominant bud will do. It boasts of one of the highest THC contents in commercially available bud, and it has a high level of the CBD cannabinoid as well. It is this high CBD content that makes Micky Kush a popular choice for cancer treatment. Energetic and mellow, Micky Kush is a good choice for controlling nausea.

NY Diesel

Dr Who

This amazing hybrid is the result of crossbreeding Mad Scientist with Timewreck. It has a slightly higher Indica component to it, which gives it a nice body stone. However, it also has plenty of THC in it, which gives it a cerebral and energetic high. This strain is known for its characteristically purplish buds, although some phenotypes may be predominantly green.

Top 44

With a distinctive lemony flavor and aroma, Top 44 is a great choice for easing nausea, stimulating and even managing pain. It has a fairly moderate THC content, and produces a good mix of mental and body highs with a nice relaxing effect. The plant itself is resistant to a variety of growing conditions, and produces generous yields.