back sprainA back sprain can occur when you lift a heavy object improperly, too quickly, or from the wrong position. The condition often causes rips and tears in the surrounding muscles, tendons, and nerves as well, and can result in a great deal of pain. A back sprain can make walking and even standing difficult, and it isn’t unusual for a patient to be laid up in bed for several weeks. Most cases of back pain are also recurring, and a person who suffers from them can usually expect several more episodes throughout his life.

Common treatment for back sprain are anti-inflammatory drugs or, for more extreme cases, painkillers like oxycodone or vicodin. Marijuana might also be a feasible treatment solution for people who have recently experienced back sprain. In addition to easing the pain of the condition, marijuana also has none of the side effects associated with powerful narcotic drugs, nor will it cause the stomach upset associated with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.