Arteriosclerotic Heart DiseaseArteriosclerotic heart disease is a condition closely related to arteriosclerosis, which is when plaque buildup in the arteries causes them to harden and to eventually close up. In arteriosclerotic heart disease, it is the arteries directly connected to the heart that are affected by the plaque buildup. Most people who have arteriosclerotic heart disease also have high blood pressure, since the heart is required to work much harder than usual in order to pump blood through the congested arteries leading to the heart. People who have both these conditions are especially at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Since marijuana may help reduce blood pressure, people with arteriosclerotic heart disease may benefit from the use of small amounts of marijuana. As with all other heart-related conditions however, it would be best to seek professional medical attention before ingesting or continuing to ingest marijuana.