Anorexia, also known as Anorexia nervosa, is a mental condition commonly characterized by a drastically reduced appetite, although it is often an indicator of a more serious psychological condition. People who suffer from the condition usually worry about their weight obsessively. They can lose a considerable amount of weight and suffer from a variety of distressing symptoms such as hair loss and constipation. Their skin may also dry out and their nails may become brittle. Many women also experience reduced menstrual flow or their period may stop altogether.

Anorexia also commonly occurs as a secondary illness in patients suffering from AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, congestive heart disease, and depression, among others.

Medical marijuana may restore the appetite of patients suffering from anorexia, and it may also relieve some of the stress associated with the condition. The analgesic effects of the plant may also reduce pain associated with other primary conditions in which anorexia is a secondary illness.